A great wine is born from its vine.

Winemaking, when successful, only restores the potential of the grapes.
With this conviction, we cultivate the vine with sensitivity, in the concern of the vegetal well-being necessary to its balance, its resistance and its rooting. Blooming, the vine can transmit to its grapes concentration, salinity and make us dream of great wines, reflexions of their terroir.

But what is the terroir ?

A unique place in which the characteristics of the soil and its exposure, the climate around it and the action of man, interact. It fascinates by its ability to produce unique wines. It makes us humble by our powerlessness to control its elements. That’s what makes this job inspiring and exciting.

To work closer to it, respecting the natural balance, since 2016, we grow our vineyard in organic production.

Far from being only words, this philosophy is my mainspring as a winemaker.