In the heart of Alsace, Epfig is surrounded by the largest vineyard in the region. Its origin dates back to Antiquity. Formed around a Roman fort, they would have introduced the vine. Today, we cultivate a vineyard of 11 hectares, here is its history…

In 1642, diocesan archives mention a Bader family, cultivating vines and living « rue de l’église » at Epfig… starting point of a lineage that has passed through the ages in the passion of the vineyard and the wine. In the twentieth century, Xavier then Michel, Pierre and finally Régine succeed at the head of the domain.

In 2004, Régine Schultz born Bader, passes on the domain to Pierre Scharsch, himself from a family of vine growers located in the north of the Alsatian vineyard.
In 2006, he resumed the activity of bottling interrupted since 1970.

As a sign of respect and esteem for the work of these men and women who, over the years and generations, have cultivated and transmitted this heritage, our vineyard and our wines continue to carry this name.